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Update:2013/4/17 Source:Chinese garlic Information network

Institute, an Internet technology as the core, specializing in garlic and other agricultural information, spot trade of agricultural products, agricultural products bulk electronic trading business services technology companies. Which owns the country's largest garlic e-commerce site - international garlic trade network, garlic is a comprehensive industry information services, professional market guidance and internationalization of trade and commerce as an integrated network services platform, after five years of brand to build, has become the domestic and international customer base the most information is the most abundant, most visited, most professional information garlic e-commerce website, Day PV of more than 100,000.

International garlic trade network "based on garlic industry, service wide garlic Friends" as its mission, to provide for the garlic enterprises, self-employed merchants and garlic planting market analysis, market guidance, international trade, international network to promote the program for garlic enterprises other aspects of comprehensive, integrated services, aiming to create the world's most authoritative garlic e-commerce site.

The country's largest garlic information platform

As a the leading online garlic network of media, international garlic trade network relies on a powerful editing power and good corporate relations of cooperation, timely, comprehensive and accurate reports of the latest market trends, tracking industry hot spots, interpretation of policies and regulations, to provide enterprises with comprehensive, accurate price quotes, market analysis, export guidance, international buyers information. At the same time, providing convenient network promotional platform to ensure the enterprise to new developments, product information, timely announced, garlic is one of the most authoritative, the most rapid, most convenient and most effective new media tools.

The country's largest garlic spot trading platform

International garlic Trade Network is currently the only professional domestic and international spot trading platform for the garlic traders to supply and demand sides provide excellent resource allocation system. It combines the traditional means, network tools and state-of-the-art information technology for the garlic traders at home and abroad to the construction of a never ending trading platform.

The country's largest garlic electronic trading platform

International Garlic Trade Network is a professional garlic online trading market for many years effort to build a set of market exchange, online trading, technical guidance and many other features integrated e-commerce system to ensure the garlic through the completion of the platform contract trading, clearing, settlement, is the only set of e-commerce, corporate branding and online business meetings as one of the garlic block trading platform.

The company has a strong and experienced, business, technology, service team, now has more than 60 employees, of which more than five people in the master's degree, undergraduate degree 48 people. With information collection, market operation management center in Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Hebei, Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. We will uphold the integrity, professionalism, pioneering and innovative business philosophy, in the garlic industry information and market advantage, to provide you with professional, loyal service to show you a myriad of opportunities cyberspace.